Brenac Nathalie
Statistics Consultant

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Brenac Nathalie

Statistics Consultant

Tel: (+33) (0) 665 038 351

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Professional abilities :

After four years experience in data design and analysis in various sectors’ study cabinets, I am currently statistics consultant.

I concentrate my activity on management and statistical processing data (from data base design to interpreted statistical analysis realization). For that, I rely either on existing databases or on creating databases from questionnaires. Obviously, these databases can be beforehand controlled and cleaned.

The realization of statistical analyses covers a very broad spectrum, from descriptive analysis to modelling or factor analysis. Theses analysis can be applied to economic sector, health, sociology, management or marketing problematics.

Furthermore, my service offer also includes organization and installation of intra- and inter- firm training with professionals and academics, real experts in their field of intervention.

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